Namaya and
B4 Peace Art

Namaya works with the B4 Peace team and communities to create art that facilitates public engagement on issues of peace, ecology, social justice and human rights; through art, word, and performance.

“ Namaya’s art subject goes straight to the danger zone and it is what is needed in our moment. In going to our collective underworld, it honors our humanity and foibles. The direct imagery, actual charged objects and his availability to participate in dialog about war and peace creates a safe place to bring matters out from the darkness, which is exciting and refreshing. 
-Alison Beth Levy, Independent Art Curator

Inevitability of Peace

A 12 foot steel sculpture of a peace wreath inside a 200 pound block of ice touches the hearts of children and adults leading to conversations on “How do we create peace?.” The ambient temperature from a candle underneath the block melts the ice, freeing the peace wreath. It symbolizes that each action we take of kindness, charity and compassion creates peace. This has been presented at Pete Seeger’s Clearwater Festival, NY, New Orleans Art Center, and World Learning in VT.

Handle with Care: Painting and Graphic