Pornography of War

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“Witness to Genocide: Israel – Palestine a Journey to peace” this flag of Israel and Palestine, with the names of more than 400 villages destroyed by the Israeli army embroidered on yarmulkes. This commemorates Kristallnacht, and the journey of my Jewish ancestors.

Imagine Peace

Lágrimas – Tear drops – A sculpture made from M16 rifles and bullets

What will unlock peace?

Imagine Peace

Namaya Art Rat for Peace

Imagine Peace Banner

War is the Sh*t of Humanity

World Peace. Why not?

Talk Talk Talk with Namaya

Villa Grimaldi 236
For the 236 people who died in Villa Grimaldi in Santiago Chile.
What have their lives been?

Guns for Tots?
Second Amendment Rights for Children to bear Arms?

What is the cost of war?      BUY NOW
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Honor Our Soldiers

What will unlock peace?

Vulture Capitalism

War is the Sh*t of Humanity

Prisoners Cereal Killers

What is the Cost of War?

Ecology of Love

Ecocide Fishing

Help! Prisoners Cereal Killers

Stop Ecocide!
Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Human Rights Arts & Palestine

Villa Grimaldi: Tower of Remembrance

Amnesty Solstice Tower: Witness to Freedom

Sculptures and Paintings

Ascension of Love

Plato’s Allegory 2020

Love Imprisoned

Plato’s Allegory 2020

Do Black Lives Matter?

8:46 Eight minutes and forty-six seconds

Do Black Lives Matter? Shooting of Tamir Rice