Peace is not just the absence of war, but the presence of love.

Namaya Productions- Namaya Art Rat for Peace is an international art, multimedia arts company that makes site-specific art and performances to promote peacebuilding and human rights. Namaya has created art, writing and performance projects in Vietnam, Palestine, Mexico, Belfast, and around the globe. And, As a performance poet and storteller he has performed on 5 continents. NPI is the hub for the writing, performance and art of Namaya.


Love in an Age of Plague: Love in An Age of Desire

Love in An Age of Plague – How is there freedom? This photoshoot with the two dancers Elizabeth and Lucia, designed and photographed by Namaya explores what is the nature of love in an age of Plague. In this photoshoot, in part designed as a dance, the dancers were given the invitation to explore the relationship between themselves, nature, and this quandary of covid.

Love in an Age of Plague: Love in An Age of Desire


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