Vigil today at St Michael’s Episcopal Church in Brattleboro at 1 PM 17 March 2019

Designed for Amnesty Int. & presented at Peace Centers


New Zealand is ablaze with anger,

candles, and prayers… I add my candles

and prayers for the victims.

Salam Wa- Alakom.

May the Peace of God be upon you.

And, I light a candle for

the killer.

I light a candle for souls

twisted in pain and delusion.

For the hundreds and thousands

more driven to despair —

held in the terror of their madness.

I light a candle for their pain

It is so easy to hate

those held with hate.

It is too easy to love,

those bound with kindness.

But how do we love

the hateful?

How do we embrace

the hated and

hold them in the arms

of possibility?

How do we love that which

we find

the most odious,


and repulsive?

How do we find

our way back to love?

How do we embrace

the enigma and

paradox of love?

I light a candle for those

who were killed.

A salaam walakom

May the peace of Allah be upon you

I light a candle for

the murderer

And, as well today

we light a candle

to raise it up high,

to stand against

hate and intolerance.

We light 50 candles,

to the victims

of the Christ Church Mosque

As we embrace

the paradox of love.