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“from the waste of war and hate we create art that celebrates the inevitability of peace.” Namaya

Namaya Productions & the B4 Peace

Namaya Productions- Namaya Art Rat for Peace is an international art, multimedia arts company that makes site-specific art and performances to promote peacebuilding and human rights.  Namaya has created art, writing and performance projects in  Vietnam, Palestine, Mexico, Belfast, and around the globe. And, As a performance poet and storteller he has performed on 5 continents. NPI is the hub for the writing, performance and art of Namaya. 

We will be presenting Agent Orange Do Not Forget me in Vietnam in December 2021 with presentations in the USA.  Discussions are underway for “Panama Museum of Human Rights” and the Bogoto HR Museum “Tears of Gold.” 

Namaya’s teams have worked with dancers, performers, and other artists at peace and human rights centers around the globe.  In Chile at Villa Grimaldi, Peace Center, he and his team created “Memoria.Hablar.Dignidad.” In 2018 he had a retrospect at New Orleans Art Center, “The Pornography of War,” art on the impact of war and militarism in society.   

If your organization wishes to create a collaborative project on peace and human rights on-site or on virutal time, please let us know.  


The Pornography of War in an Age of Desire -A  key  multiyear project of art, word, performance, and multimedia work that examines the impact of war and militarism.  Namaya offers us a vision of a world without war. “Imagine if we invest in the poor and to ensure that everyone has a home, we have universal healthcare, quality education for all Americans, and we create a just society for all.”

“Cost of war” 9 foot painting that is a witness to war. “

Performance Projects – As a performer and playwright Namaya has created multimedia projects on peace such as War is a Racket: Major General Butler — A solo performance on the impact of war presented around the world in the role of Major General Butler USMC.  Witness to Genocide: Israel to Palestine a Journey to Peace that has been presented at Peace Centers.

In Chile at Villa Grimaldi, Peace Center, he and his team created “Memoria.Hablar.Dignidad”. a performance with the Chilean Dance Companies Tar Danza and Fraternidad Alyyu to create an homage to those who fought and died in the fight against fascism.

Namaya and his team are available to create site-specific peace-building art projects globally.

“Witness to Genocide: Israel- Palestine a Journey to peace” this flag of Israel and Palestine, with the names of more than 400 villages destroyed by the Israeli army embroidered on yarmulkes. This commemorates Kristallnacht, and the journey of my Jewish ancestors.


“Peace is not just the absence of war or violence but the presence of love. Through art, word, performance we celebrate the inevitability of peace.”- Namaya


Key Team Members: Namaya is the lead artist/ poet and designer. Zoe Kopp is the team leader and project manager and who also guides Dean Gallea – is the main project engineer and technical consultant. Victoria Puglia is the Admin. Manager. Lorieto Tugas is the webmaster. And a team of volunteers and experts assist us with all of our projects.  Thank you all for building peace through the arts. Even a NASA engineer involved in the Apollo project has helped us. There are opportunities for volunteers too.

Peace Celebration in NYC  with B4 Peace Team

Namaya with children for his play “On the Island of Binga Bonga”

Namaya with an impromptu art class in the Dominican Republic

Dean Gallea – Chief Engineer for NPI, with Zoe and Namaya

Namaya with Peace Fairies


“Peace is not just the absence of war, but the presence of love.”





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